Saturday, March 8, 2008

That Must Be a Murdered Body Over There

When I was out running a couple of weeks ago, I saw clothes in the woods and my first thought was that it must be a dead body. Now, why would I think that? I wondered if everyone would think they were seeing a dead body.

Today someone must have forgotten a jacket on a log and I thought the same thing. The thought is very matter-of-fact with no emotion attached. We live in a nice suburban City and there really is no reason to be thinking there are dead bodies lying around.These are those quick, instant thoughts that slip out before you even know it. Where do they come from?

As I jogged along, I remembered that when I was five they found a dead man’s body in the lot next to my house. No identification on the body. No one knew who he was. My father explained that it was probably a mob hit, no big deal. They killed him over in New York and dumped him in the lot next to our house in New Jersey during the night because they could loop around the ramp straight back to New York.

When Tony Soprano drives out of the Lincoln Tunnel and gets on the NJ Turnpike at my exit, his fictional route passes about 200 feet from my childhood house. I love this TV sequence and study every detail everytime. It might have been a mob hit!

Is this why I think dead bodies will turn up during my nice run through the neighborhood? Why do we have these crazy first thoughts pop into our minds when we least expect it? In this case, I really think I was so young that I accepted the situation as normal.

Have you had such strange first thoughts? Do you understand why you have them?

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  1. Ha! I watched Bambi the other night with my almost 3-year old. I've seen it before but it's been many, MANY years. When they came to the part where Bambi and his mother are being chased by the hunter and you hear a shot and know that Bambi's mother's been killed, I braced myself for the image of Bambi's bloody, twisted mother lying on the ground. And then I realized that Bambi was made 60 years ago before they showed blood and twisted dead bodies on the screen, and that an offscreen gunshot was about as violent as it got in the movies back then.

    In short, I think you probably thought those things about dead bodies because we just hear and see it all the time now. Kinda sad.

    Found you through Devilish Southern Belle, by the way.