Sunday, September 30, 2007

Downfall of the Soccer Mom

My husband left all of my younger son's soccer equipment on a step for one of us to carry upstairs. Of course I didn't carry it up because it belongs in the bag by the door to the garage so that we can take it with us to practice.

As mom's do, I came down late last night to check just one thing after the lights were out. I forgot that the stuff was there and fell down half the flight of stairs. You always feel the full pain of an accident in twenty-four hours and this experience is no different. The pain is worse each minute.

I joked on Twitter that it was the "Downfall of the Soccer Mom" and then started to think about what the downfall would really be. I'm new to this jock mom stuff since my older son is not athletic in nature. I've made my mistakes. (Everyone, the socks go over the shin guards.) But I think my real downfall will be taking the game too seriously.

He's only six. Yesterday the ball hit his knee and made a goal for the opposite team. Inside I cringed. I imagined what it would be like if he did that in a few years and possibly lost the game for a very competitive team. In the future he might really take it to heart. He kept telling everyone that it hit his knee including his coach who high-fived him with gusto. It's okay now. It was funny. He redeemed himself by scoring a goal for his own team. Coach's son scored one too so we won 2-1. NO, we are not keeping score.

See, this will be my downfall, getting too carried away. Caring about the win. Yelling too loud. Being too competitive. I just hope to remember that I don't want another downfall for me, the soccer mom.

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